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The Secret Key to the Pros First Step | Basketball Scoring Tips

The Secret Key to the Pros First Step | Basketball Scoring Tips

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In today’s video, I give you my top pro level secret key to the pros first step explosion. These basketball scoring tips are sure to supercharge your scoring in every aspect of the game! These simple scoring secrets are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these basketball scoring tips into your basketball workouts you can almost immediately skyrocket your scoring average, and add some serious moves to your game!
The first secret key that the pros use is called a plyo step, the reason for this move is to not only get the defense on its heels but to help with your first step quickness. In basketball it’s incredibly important to have a super quick first step to force the defender out of position as soon as you get the ball. Using the plyo step is great for athletes at every level. It works on really forcing you to engage your mind in playing a more reactionary style of basketball as opposed to thinking about what move or shot you want to get! This is something that all the top scorers in the NBA do, think of guys like Stephen Curry and James Harden. They are super elite in terms of forcing the defense out of position on the catch and one way they do this is with the plyo step to explode out of their first step!
My 2nd tip is to manipulate on the catch, with a the shoulder to shoe move which is a way to make sure you are really getting low and exploding out of your plyo step. The reason why this is such a helpful scoring tip is that by getting them out of position early it’s easier to create massive separation since you still have your dribble live. Guys like Kevin Durant do a really great job of this, being patient on the catch and making the defender give them a top foot. By doing this he is able to get his shoulder to shoe and really explode to get by nearly any defender! Giannis the MVP of the league is elite at doing a great job of using first step explosion to really kill the defense.
My last tip is a drill that you can use to really master the secret key to the pros first step. Plyo Step Pull Ups are awesome to really for yourself into getting low on the initial action and harnessing your first step quickness. Make sure to go game speed during the entirety of the drill to really master elite first step speed.
Alright splasharmy that’s it for my secret keys to the pros first step explosion. These basketball scoring tips are super crucial if you are really looking to take that next step as a smaller guard this year. Make sure you implement these tips and skyrocket your scoring today!

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