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STUPID Simple Ways to Beat a Full Court Press

STUPID Simple Ways to Beat a Full Court Press

STUPID Simple Ways to Beat a Full Court Press

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In today’s video, I give you my top tips to beat any full-court press! These tips go for any type of full-court pressure you may see from a, 1-2-2 full-court press, to a 1-2-1-1 these tips will help you exploit the full-court press quickly. These simple basketball tips to break the full-court press are super easy to implement for players at every level, and against any full-court press defense. By implementing these basketball tips into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting scoring and your overall basketball skill level!
My first tip to beating any full-court press defense is to, “Save Your Dribbles”. This is a great way to slow the pace and really see the gaps in the full-court press. By saving your dribbles you are dictating the pace that you want to play instead of letting the full-court press speed you up! Save your dribbles and then be decisive with the way you want to attack the full-court press!
My second tip to beat a full-court press is to, “use ball fakes” This is a great way to get the defense moving without losing your dribble. Ball fakes and ball movement are huge for any players that are trying to score more efficiently against any type of full-court pressure the defense might throw at you. Make sure you pay close attention so you can add ball fakes to your scoring workouts, and get buckets against the zone.
My third tip to shredding any full-court press defense is to, “use retreat dribbles”. Players that do a great job of attacking the full-court press use retreat dribbles to get them out of bad situations. Often times young basketball players pick the ball up in traps which leads to bad passes, and turnovers. However, if you utilize the retreat dribble it can really help alleviate the pressure, and help you see the court to make a play for yourself or your teammates.
My next pro tip to beating a full-court press defense is to make sure you, “attack 1 man”. This is often underutilized when trying to beat a pressing defense. A lot of players get themselves into trouble when they try to split the defense. Instead, I like to teach players to just beat one of them. Predetermine who you believe you can beat one on one and then attack that defender.
Next, one of the best tips I could give any basketball player is to utilize, “no-look passes”. This is one great way to really move the defense before you make a pass. By using eye manipulation you can really open up much better passing lanes to beat the full-court press!
Lastly, one of the best things you could do against a full-court press defense is to make sure you, “don’t rush”. Staying composed is HUGE to beating a full-court pressure defense. By understand the tips in the video and taking your time you can really exploit any full-court press out there.

If you are ready to really skyrocket your scoring these basketball scoring moves to beat any zone defense are essential! Make sure to implement these moves into your basketball workouts today!

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball scoring tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips into your game today!

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