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Steroids – Lee Priest Calls Out Mike O’Hearn

Steroids – Lee Priest Calls Out Mike O’Hearn

There is no trick.

Well maybe…

The trick is you gotta love doing what you do and consistently keep at it.

That’s the trick.

Not drugs.

Some people put in their mind they cannot train or lift heavy unless they’re on drugs.

This is one of the worst ways to approach your life…

The plaguing thought of thinking you’re only capable of achieving if you have the magic pill.

No one has ever accomplished anything great thinking like this.

People dominate their professions because instead of believing they need a magic pill, they believe they need a strong foundation.

The thing about a strong foundation is it involves the little things.

For example:

To be great in basketball you don’t buy the newest sneakers…

You don’t look for the newest techniques…

To be great you focus on the basics like going through the motions and shooting baskets 1000 times a day…or maybe dribbling for hours on end.

Yes, it’s boring, but that means everyone else will be neglecting it too…because nobody likes boring.

This is an obstacle you MUST overcome.

That is how legends are formed.

Day in and day out consistent repetition.

Remember this.

Enjoy this video.

Don’t lighten up, TITAN UP!
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