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Pick N’ Roll vs. Hard Hedge

Pick N’ Roll vs. Hard Hedge

The Pick N’ Roll (PNR) is one of the most used plays in basketball. Almost all set plays start or end in a Pick N Roll. There are multiple coverages a defense can use to defend the wing pick n roll. Here we breakdown 3 simple steps to attacking a ‘Hard Hedge’ as it is the most common coverage used in high school basketball.

The Hard hedge can be tough to read because it can be disguised as a switch or a trap. That’s why it is very important that the ball handler follows these steps:

Step 1: Set it up!
We set the ball screen up so we take in 1 defender not 2.

You can set the action up with a simple jab step faking baseline or a move off the dribble to get the defender to shift.

Step 2: Attack the action!
By attacking the action you force the defense to show their coverage.

We attack the action by cross stepping out of the move to seal the in ball defender (this way you run them into the screen).

Step 3: Change speeds & read the def.!
The change of speed will give the ball handler more time to read the defense.

A great way to change spend in a pick n roll situation is with any variation of a hesitation. Here we show you 3 different variations: Drag, curl, and a bounce step

Step 4: hit the roll man or get the ball to the middle of the floor!
In a wing PNR situation the defense is normally completely shifted over to the strong side.

Scoring Options:
– Finish (at rim or floater)
– 2DPU @ FT line (elbow area)
– Pull up for 3pt

Passing Options:
– Hit Roll man (pocket pass, hook or over top)
– Hit opp. wing to hit roll (Hockey assist)
– Pass back to fill man

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