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How to Film your Videos for Allnet Shooter ( Shot Analysis )

How to Film your Videos for Allnet Shooter ( Shot Analysis )

In this video we are going to show you step by step how to film your videos to send to use for Shot Analysis.

Thank you for purchasing Allnet Shooter Shot Analysis. We are super excited to have you take part in this Advance Training Program.

What you need to do next is to film the Allnet User shooting his normal shot. 


How & What to film? 

1. 10 Shots from 4 Locations = 40 Shots  – If you also shooting a 3 Point Shot, you would send 10 shots x 8 locations = 80 Shots)
2. Film in Slow Motion on a Mobile Phone. (The Best Phone you can get your hands on.)
3. Film in Vertical Position (NOT HORIZONTAL)
4. Film full body from the bottom of feet to the top of the release. 
5. Transfer the Videos to Allnet using             
email to: [email protected]
Here is a step by step Instructional Video on how to shoot the videos. 
Once you have filmed the video, please Transfer the Videos to your Computer and Send it to us for analysis. 

Once our shooting coach reviews your shot, you will receive a full Shot Analysis video back. 

Thank you for joining the program, we will be in touch soon. 
Allnet Shooter

ALLNET is a basketball-shooting device that is scientifically designed to improve your shot. check out:

Allnet will teach you how to properly control the ball through muscle memory and enhance your sense of touch.

ALLNET is scientifically designed after many years of research to improve your sense of touch and mental focus to teach you how to properly control the ball. You will see drastic improvement in your shooting within 15 minutes of use due to the amount of sensory input being received. Finally a shooting training device designed by basketball players for basketball players looking to dramatically improver shooting percentage.

Who is AllNet Basketball Shooting Device for?

ALLNET is for anyone looking to reach their true shooting potential. Palm and finger adjustable makes it great for anyone for ages 12 and up.

Why AllNet?

Most coaches can tell you bits and pieces and some may be able to even tell you all the correct bio-mechanics of the proper shooting form, but no one can give you the most important aspect of shooting, THE TOUCH.  

Todays philosophy of shooting a 1,000 shots to get better is incorrect, this just instills bad habits. Most of us have bad habits that come from years of shooting incorrectly, those need to be corrected first if you ever want to improve your shot. 

There is nothing out there that can correct the bad habits (except All Net) so the coaches rely on verbal instruction to try and correct these bad habits, which verbal is one of the hardest ways to fix something.

The most important aspect in shooting is your ability to be confident, calm and mentally focused on your release of the ball. ALLNET heightens that mental focus and gives you that confidence.

The middle finger is the longest and therefore should be the last to touch the ball. As soon as the ball leaves your hand, you know which finger touched it last using ALLNET. If it is not your middle finger, then your mind will make subtle adjustments in your wrist.

From this point forward it becomes second nature and now you will discover your true shooting potential.

Your shot will improve within 15 minutes of trying Allnet, after 2 weeks you will be shooting the light out.