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“Get Your Eyes Up” | Basketball Myth Busting | Basketball Dribbling  Tips

“Get Your Eyes Up” | Basketball Myth Busting | Basketball Dribbling Tips

“Get Your Eyes Up” | Basketball Myth Busting | Basketball Dribbling Tips

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In today’s video, I give you my top theory on keeping your eyes up while dribbling! This basketball myth is something that has circulated through every level of basketball for many years. However, most people think that by dropping your eyes you won’t have the ability to see the floor. When we look at all the top guards in the NBA think of guys like Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, and Chris Paul. All of these top talents in the NBA use their peripheral vision to find open teammates and run the offense. This secret is so helpful because when you start to use your dominant vision to be your on ball defender the entire court opens up. This simple basketball scoring moves are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these dribbling moves into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting, scoring, and your overall basketball skill level! These are moves that we see the top NBA point guards use regularly guys like Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul!
My first pro level drill to really help you hone in on having better vision on the basketball court is the three come drill. This basketball drill will not only help you develop a much tighter handle but it will also help you in terms of your overall court vision and becoming a better basketball player overall. Make sure to implement these moves into your basketball workouts today!

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball scoring tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips and dribbling drills into your game today!

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