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Full Game Offense Analysis Part 1

Full Game Offense Analysis Part 1

An analysis of how some of my offense and thinking reacts and adapts to defenses online.

I am currently ranked at around 1000 in Madden. Top 1 percent.
I almost strictly play with one of the worst teams in the league – – – the Cincinnati Bengals.

I have a custom playbook I’ve put together –

I call my offense the Verzontal offense {Cheesy}
It is an offense designed to attack Vertical or Horizontal.
Every blade of grass has the potential to be under attack in my offense. This is a pass first and pass heavy offense. Running is almost the last option every time – and the passing game sets up the run due to teams playing with a soft box to try to stop a relentless passing game.

This offense is a no huddle offense with minimal hot routing. We play in maybe 3 different formation sets {Minimal} and we check in or out into plays to maximize the weakness of the defense. This offense depends most on your ability to read the defense pre snap and post snap.

I try to emulate Peyton Manning. I have core plays I run until it gets taken away. When they get taken away, it allows me to check into plays to exploit the adjustments made by my opponent.. . .

This offense is a . . .

“”What would Peyton Manning do”” offense.

Hopefully I will show more games.