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Duke Team Drills: Transition Post Elbow Read

Duke Team Drills: Transition Post Elbow Read

In this drill, Coach Sam Miller of Duke Women’s Basketball demonstrates a great drill that utilizes their Dr. Dish CT away from the basket.

Here, we simulate a transition scenario where the wing passes ahead to a player near the post/short corner area for a jump shot. On the opposite end, we have two players on the wing and slot that exchange. The Dish then makes a second pass to the top of the key for another jump shot.

This drill works best with a coach/managing under the hoop contesting the shots to make it more game-like and helping rebound.

Remember, Dr. Dish is the ONLY shooting machine brand designed with a swivel net to work on game location and post passing. This is the most game-like way to use a shooting machine to receive passes from where you’d actually get them in games.

We’d like to thank Coach Sam Miller for providing us with this great drill!

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