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Basketball Drills: Florida Gators Baseline Runner Pick & Pop

Basketball Drills: Florida Gators Baseline Runner Pick & Pop

This is a great drill on the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine from Coach Mike White of the University of Florida that works on multiple different game-like actions.

First, the Dish makes a pass out to the baseline and the player swings the ball to the wing. From there, the players execute a pick and pop action.

Next, the player on the baseline sprints to the opposite baseline to receive a pass and shot from the corner.

Last, the Dish makes a pass to the wing to the ball handler from the pick and pop action for a jumper.

From there, the players rotate and the drill starts over at the baseline again.

As you can see, this is a great way to work on multiple different actions and fundamentals in a team setting.

This is also a unique drill that can ONLY be performed on Dr. Dish shooting machines as the passing order is customized. Other machine are only able to be programmed in a “sprinkler setting.”

Give this a drill a try and enhance multiple fundamentals!

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