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Basketball Drills: Ball Handling-Hesitation

Basketball Drills: Ball Handling-Hesitation

A hesitation dribble is something you want to use to make the defender think you are changing directions or even stopping.

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The first move I show you is the stop and go. All you are doing here is trying to get your defender to take a step forward. Essentially you are stopping, giving the defender a little shoulder fake and then exploding past them. The next move is one that is a lethal part of my arsenal. Here I am making the defender think I am changing directions by almost hopping to the opposite side. This hop makes the defender slide over and creates a lane for me to drive. Now watch me do it here closer to full speed. Notice that my hand never goes under the ball. After the hop I am pushing myself past the defender in an explosive way. I have yet to come across a defender that can stop this move. You’re welcome!

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