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Basketball Ball Handling Drills For Beginners and Kids

Basketball Ball Handling Drills For Beginners and Kids

Here is a great basketball ball handling drill that is perfect for kids and beginners.

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There are 3 variations to this drill. The first is to dribble the ball back and forth between your legs while taking very small steps.

You will go to half court and back. It’s important to work hard to stay low. That’s the whole purpose of this drill.

The second variation is the same thing, but with the other hand in front.

The third variation is behind the back. You will take a dribble behind the back and then take a small step and then repeat.

This drill is perfect for beginners or any younger kids. Not only will it challenge them it will help them get alot of reps up in short amount of time.

The best ball handling drills focus on improving a players ball control and dribble speed.

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You should now go over and watch this video…I actually picked it out special for you…Hint: floater 😉