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94Fifty Ballhandling Drills (I) –  Two Ball Turbine

94Fifty Ballhandling Drills (I) – Two Ball Turbine

94Fifty has been a partner of the Belgian Basketball Clinic Event for many years. In this series we show some of their ballhandling drills that will do great in combination with the 94Fifty sensored basketball. Check it out at

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is the first product of its kind to measure and diagnose the quality of key skills critical to build confidence, versatility and success on the basketball court. The ball utilizes embedded motion sensors to measure the player’s skill in real time. This information is sent to a mobile smartphone via Bluetooth and gives players of all skill levels access to immediate feedback on shooting and ball-handling skills. The free, downloaded App contains four distinct experiences, each with its own purpose. Level-up your skills from Playground to Pro in the Workout section. Learn how to shoot at game speed or soften your shot with proper shooting arc in the Skill Training section. Challenge your family, friends or teammates with Head to Head skill competitions, or challenge anyone in the world through twitter in the Social Challenge section. The sensors in the ball will count what matters most and will provide visual and voice feedback as you practice. It’s like having a personal digital coach with you every time you play. Whether your goal is to make the A team this year, or to work towards that scholarship, the 94Fifty sensor basketball is designed for a single purpose: to build your confidence and get you better, faster.

Connects seamlessly with iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3rd Generation and later, iPod Touch 5th Generation, Android Devices and Google Glass.