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3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques

3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques

3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques

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In today’s video, I give you my top 3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense! These simple basketball defensive techniques are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these defensive techniques into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your overall basketball skill level!
My first reason why people get beat on defense is what I call “oversliding” most basketball coaches teach players from a young age that sliding defensively is the only way to keep your guy in front of you. However, over the years have figured out that the athleticism in basketball requires defenders to be much more versatile when guarding. Think of guys like Paul George who is one of the elite defenders in the NBA he is so good at not only sliding but all at sprinting to recover if he ever is out of the play. Defense is a 90% about effort and about 10% how athletic a player is. Think of a guy like Patrick Beverly he is a super undersized guard in the NBA but is well known as one of the best defenders in the league and even takes on defensive assignments like Lebron James and Kevin Durant at times. The competitive fire he plays with is something that has made him into an elite defender! So if you want to really skyrocket your lockdown defense you absolutely need to implement becoming a more versatile player into your game today!
My second reason why players get beat on defense is that they follow the basketball. This is something that coaches hate and will get players benched almost immediately. When it comes to basketball and playing elite-level defense it’s incredibly important to see man and the ball at the same time. The way elite players do this is by dropping in help side and understanding positioning on the floor. I breakdown the best positioning to use your peripheral vision so you are never caught out of position. If we look at a guy like Kawhii Leonard he is an elite defender in the NBA and a big reason why he is so good on that side of the ball is that he understands where he needs to be at all times on the floor! So if you are serious about really becoming a great defender on the court you MUST understand that following the basketball will get you beat!
My third Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense is because they have a low basketball IQ. In basketball just like any other sport it’s super important to watch film and really understand what your opponent likes to do. The best defenders know who they are playing and what moves they tend to do on offense. Having the IQ to put in the time and understand what your opponent is trying to do is so important. Most basketball players think that they can just show up and play great defense but in reality, it takes a lot of things to come together to make a player or a team great on the defensive end of the floor. If you are ready to really skyrocket your defense these basketball defensive techniques are essential! Make sure to implement these moves into your basketball workouts today!

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball defensive tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips into your game today!

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